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The moment we found out you were pregnant you asked me: how do I know if I'll be a good mom? what if I'm not?

I told you then that you will not only be a good mom, you'd be an amazing one... because I knew you... you've always been an amazing girlfriend, fiancé, and wife... never have I doubted for a moment how good you'd be with Taym, and every day you prove me right. 

I come home from a long day at work forgetting that your day is twice as long and your nights are twice as hard, yet you have a beautiful welcoming smile on your face when I walk through the door and I can hear you from outside the door telling Taym daddy's home with a big smile and a big heart. Even though your day is long and even though you barely slept you're still managing to give both of us all the attention we need and more.  

Always ready to take care of our beautiful child and always ready to help me. You still find time in all the chaos to cook, clean and keep everything neat and tidy. 

You still wake up before me and make me breakfast every morning. 

You still wake me up and take care of me, you still wish me luck in meetings when you need all the luck in the world. 

You still show me you care and how much you love me even though you’re the one in need of love and affection. 

You’re a super girl. I have no other way of explaining how you can do all of these things and maintain your sanity. 

You're a wonderful mother you're an amazing wife and you're a perfect human being. I'm always lucky you chose me... cause in any circumstance ever, I will always choose you.

Happy Birthday Ya Babe!
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